2017 Chapter Progress Report

Dear Colleagues,

We started to form this chapter in April 2017 because we felt that as technology professionals, especially the information security professionals, we were underserved. We didn’t have an established association or organization to turn to, to promote our professional interests. So a local group of International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)²® members petitioned (ISC)²® leadership to grant us permission to form a chapter. In early April, we were granted that permission; we became a chartering (ISC)²® chapter. We initially took on the Greater Albuquerque Area name, but, due to overwhelming interest from other areas, we became the (ISC)²® Central New Mexico Chartering Chapter.

The very first meeting happened in April 2017, so David Moore and I could announce the formation and objectives of the chapter. We were overwhelmed by the initial attendance. The election of officers also happened that day. I have to be honest, at the conclusion of the meeting, I was amazed at how the officer cadre jelled as if theyíve known each other for a long time, when in reality it was the very first time each met each other!

The (ISC)²® requirements that we had to go through were very stringent; three  community and two  social events in a span of five months. But, because of your officers’ passion and interest, we were able to navigate the logistics effortlessly—founding members volunteered as subject matter expert speakers, and suitable locations were found to conduct the presentations and fulfill the requirements with ease. In mid-October, we submitted our final documents (bylaws and agreement) and waited nervously. On November 1, we finally received the news that we were waiting for. Effective November 1, 2017, we are now the (ISC)²® CENTRAL NEW MEXICO CHAPTER (CNMC)!

Again, I would like to invite you, my fellow information security professionals and other technology practitioners in the Central New Mexico area, to come join our activities. We have setup the Chapter as a nonprofit so we can easily assist the community through volunteer work. You can join us by visiting this site and our social media sites and kept informed of our future endeavors.

On behalf of (ISC)²® CNMC,

Gerry Gajeton
Founding Member/(ISC)²® CNMC Vice President