(ISC)²® Central NM Chapter

We received our charter in 2017 and are an Official (ISC)²® Chapter!

We are an organization interested in promoting information security and in supporting the mission of (ISC)²®.

We host monthly social events, present security topics for continuing education credits (CPEs), and are looking forward to expanding our services in the near future.

If you want to participate or come to an event, please reach out via email.

All are welcome!

Leadership Team
President – Tautra Romig
Treasurer – Ronald Tafoya (Interim)
Secretary – Christopher Goodrich (Interim)
Membership Chair – Chrissa Constantine (Interim)
Webmaster – David Keppel
Social Media Coordinator – Chrissa Constantine (Interim)
Mentoring Chair – vacant

Board of Directors
Ron Tafoya
Chrissa Constantine
Chris Goodrich

Contact Us: info@isc2-cnmc.org
Join Us On Our Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/fpxpbhg