Letter from the President 2018


Spring brought the chapter some memorable presentations: Ron and Rebecca Tafoya presented on Cybersecurity Insurance in an Enterprise Risk Environment in April, followed by a presentation by Lyndon Pierson on New Technologies for Security Policy Enforcement in the Internet of Things in May.

Summer is upon us and promises to bring more excitement! First, we will have social happenings in June and July. Second, August will bring us a couple of exciting events:

– August 2, we will be participating at INTERFACE (formerly TechJunction) New Mexico. This is an annual technology fair and it will again be held at Marriott Pyramid. Just like last year, we will have a table. This time, however, we will have giveaways. So, stop by and connect with your fellow chapter members.

– August 16, we will have a field trip at the FBI Regional Computer Forensics Lab. We will be given presentations on digital forensics and cyber investigations; the visit will be capped with a tour of the facility. If you’re interested in going, please reach out to us.

-September (actual date to be determined). Summer will be concluded by a school presentation. We were invited by the principal of the 21st Century Public Academy to present topics in cyber security, cyber safety and cyber ethics to both students and parents. We are always looking for motivated members to help us with outreach like this-if you have a passion for teaching and would like to join us with future presentations, let us know.

Fall or autumn of 2018 means rebirth for the Central New Mexico Chapter. Leaves change colors and drop in the Fall–a fitting parallel to our activities: The exit of some of the incumbent Board of Directors and the election of new members. The announcement for self-nominations will be posted on July 1 and closed on October 1. The election will be held at our general meeting on November 15. This will be your chance to be voted as member of the governing body and influence the direction of the organization.

We would like to cap our year with a holiday gathering, extending the invitation to families.

Lastly, I’d like to highlight an accomplishment; the livestreaming of our presentations/activities. Members who could not attend due to distance of their locations can now participate; kudos to our resident social media gurus, Chrissa and Richard for making it happen.

Gerry Gajeton